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Independent. Professional. Individual.

Traditional family office services

tailored to families with an international focus.


LaSuisse Family Office AG is a Zurich-based multi-family office, which offers a broad and comprehensive range of services to its clients since 2010. Our guiding objective is to provide our clients with the best possible solutions, always tailored to their individual needs with a long-term perspective.



Our team consists of experienced lawyers, chartered accountants, auditors, financial market experts, and masters of economics. In addition, decades of experience all feed into a team approach that ultimately benefits clients. In complementary fields of expertise, we have selected a powerful network of top-quality resources.

Years of Company History


LaSuisse Family Office AG is an independent company with no corporate parent and pursues an open architecture approach to avoid any conflicts of interest. Open architecture is defined as the identification and combination of the best available expertise and solutions, whether internal or external. This approach allows us to maintain our integrity towards our clients and ensure that our advice and tailor-made services are in the client’s best interest.

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