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Glass Buildings

Our team consists of experienced lawyers, chartered accountants, auditors, financial market experts, and masters of economics. In addition, decades of experience all feed into a team approach that ultimately benefits clients. In complementary fields of expertise, we have selected a powerful network of top-quality resources.

Our staff are carefully selected for their desire to impact lives and build solutions. This reinforces a client centric ethos which helps the client make quality decisions for long-term benefit.

All businesses must be sustainable. LaSuisse Family Office AG has strived to change many of the paradigms in the financial services arena to ensure both sustainability and value for money. This focus on the end user is evident in the quality of our staff, who we believe are exceptional.

LaSuisse Family Office AG is committed to continued quality. Part of how we achieve this is by regular training both individually and corporately. This leads to some of the broadest and detailed knowledge on a host of topics related to finances, equipping staff to deal with a fast-changing environment.

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