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LaSuisse Family Office AG is an independent company with no corporate parent and pursues an open architecture approach to avoid any conflicts of interest. Open architecture is defined as the identification and combination of the best available expertise and solutions, whether internal or external. This approach allows us to maintain our integrity towards our clients and ensure that our advice, and tailor-made services are in the client’s best interest.


We are dedicated to one profession: service. Passion embodies our profession as it places the client at the center of our attention. Delivering excellence is not simply a marketing promise, it has been our vocation and obsession since the inception of LaSuisse Family Office AG.


We aim to always provide clients with exceptional service and support. To deliver the best experience each day, we personalize each point of contact with great care and attention to detail. We consistently strive for excellence and share the desire to surpass expectations and offer the best solutions to our clients.


We strive to communicate clearly and frequently with our clients, regularly updating them on the performance of their investments, the effectiveness of the investment processes and the progress of the business as a whole. This is a key part of our objective of being as transparent as possible.


We are internationally networked company with best-in-class service partners, all dedicated to creating long-term value for our clients. We work with an extensive network of professionals, from our internal team of advisors to external partners.

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